The Association of Businesses Advocating Tariff Equity (“ABATE”) is an organization that has been protecting the interests of Michigan's large energy users in energy and related matters since 1981. ABATE is active in a variety of forums, including the Michigan Public Service Commission, the Michigan Legislature, Michigan courts, Regional Transmission Organizations, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the U.S. Congress, when necessary. 

ABATE is supported by attorneys having over 90 years experience in state and federal energy matters.  In addition, ABATE has an experienced and strategic energy manager serving as Executive Director and a Lansing-based lobbyist group that is very effective in protecting large energy user interests when the Legislature is considering new energy bills.  Finally, ABATE has a very good working relationship with a large number of energy experts who are able to deliver rate and impact analyses related to all types of rate cases and provide expert testimony. 

Without ABATE’s interventions in regulatory proceedings, Michigan's electricity rates and natural gas delivery rates would be much higher than they are today.   Future cost increases are predicted to be substantial, so vigilance is critical to securing reasonable rates.


ABATE Files Appeal Regarding Local Capacity Requirement